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i'll bring home the turkey

if you bring home the bacon

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Jamie Gurl
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mmroww luhs her some bnlmaroonvwbug.
faeries_wing919 is the best!

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I was stamped as Dr. Allison Cameron at house_stamped
621621621, abandoned pools, adult swim, ana/michael, anime, aqua teen hunger force, arrested development, arthur martin, barenaked ladies, battle royale, ben folds, ben folds five, better than ezra, big fish, billy idol, biology, bleu, brandon flowers, brandon/dave, bruce springsteen, buffy the vampire slayer, burger king, cake, canada, charlie's angels, chefcactusplayingwedidntstarthefireontheflute, chobits, christopher walken, chumbawamba, clay aiken, clone high usa, coldplay, conan o'brien, constantine maroulis, craig ferguson, creepy thin man, crispin glover, danny elfman, dave foley, dave keuning, dawn of the dead, dr. pepper, drew barrymore, duncan sheik, dwight schrute, dylan walsh, early edition, ed norton, entertainment weekly, family guy, famke janssen, final fantasy, franz ferdinand, futurama, garbage, gary busey, gavin degraw, ghost world, gollum, hawksley workman, home movies, house, house/wilson, jake weber, jason mraz, jersey tugs, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, john edwards, john stevens, jon peter lewis, kara's flowers, kare kano, kay hanley, keane, keep cool my babies, ken jennings, kevin hearn, kevin spacey, kids in the hall, kill bill, kodocha, law and order: svu, letters to cleo, lost, maria bamford, marmalade boy, maroon 5, mary jane watson, matchbox 20, max weinberg, medium, michael ian black, milk duds, morrissey, mst3k, my sharona, napoleon dynamite, nip/tuck, oingo boingo, pen salesmen, pepsi, peter krause, peter parker, peter/mj, petshop of horrors, pocky, pokemon, professor utonium, pussyfoot, quentin tarantino, rainn wilson, reservoir dogs, resident evil, rikku, ronnie vannucci, rooney, roswell78, rpging, sealab 2021, sean mcnamara, shirley manson, shirt tugs, six feet under, smeagol, snapple, spider-man, squiggy, stephen king, stepmania, steve buscemi, sunglasses at night, tal bachman, taylor hicks, team rocket, the all-american rejects, the bens, the killers, the o.c., the office, the smiths, the wallflowers, they might be giants, tobey maguire, u2, vanilla coke, vulpix, weezer, willard

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